Odbolz Comic 2nd Issue Oddventure Out Now

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Looking for a way to keep your kids entertained and giggling? Look no further than a comic subscription featuring the hilarious and funny stories of Odbolz!

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Odbolz Comic 2nd issue out now!


Welcome to the second monthly edition of Odbolz comics! In this exciting issue, Manic Monster is bored, bored bored! If only there was something to do! Suddenly, an idea pops into Fruitcake’s head. “Let’s go to the cinema!” he shouts. The Odbolz cheer in agreement, anything to relieve their boredom. Off they go, walking to the local movie theater and debating over which film to watch.

After a trip to the cinema the Odbolz embark on an exciting ‘odd’venture of their own. But things take a hilarious turn when they get lost after taking a mystery bus.

From riding the mystery bus and experiencing unexpected twists and turns, the second edition of Odbolz comics is sure to make you giggle and cackle from start to finish. Join our lovable characters on their latest oddventure and see just what could go wrong from the moment they step onto the mystery bus!

Join the Fun with Odbolz New Comic Every Month

Each month, your child will receive a comic books from Odbolz, featuring a wide range of lovable Odbolz characters (Manic Monster, Fruitcake and Bumpz) and exciting storylines that are sure to make them laugh out loud. From wacky adventures to hilarious hijinks, Odbolz comics are the perfect way to bring some fun and joy into your child’s day.

But it’s not just about the comics themselves – our subscriptions also come with a range of engaging activities and challenges designed to spark your child’s creativity and imagination. From drawing challenges featuring Odbolz characters to fun word games and puzzles, our subscription is a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged while also giving them a chance to explore their own creativity.

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