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It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s Fun. Free Birthday Cards from the Odbolz Toys Co. Our entire range of Birthday Cards are Free to share on social media also Free to Download Click & Print. Available in Black & White or colour. Our Black & White Cards are designed for you to download & print for colour in fun. Simply download – click & print to colour in. Folding instructions are given in this section.

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We Are The Odbolz!

Odbolz Limited © are a brand new high quality and exciting range of multiple character design collectible toys.

Designed with fun and safety in mind, these sturdy outdoor toys aren't just for boys! Our range of high quality childrens outdoor toys are built to last, and are the perfect choice for active toddlers and young children.
Here we introduce you to Manic Monster. BumpZ and Fruitcake.

Aptly named Odbolz because of their unique odd shapes, sizes and bright fun colours.

Manic Monster £5

Manic Monster is the crazy one! With his huge teeth, he may be scary but he is your friend!

Fruitcake £5

Fruitcake is the pretty one. Can you resist the charm?

Bumpz £5

Hitting all the walls, bouncing off the floor and ceilings, will you look after Bumpz?

Nation Of Odbolz

Coming Soon - Family Holidays Competitions. Family Cars. Cash Prizes and Free Odbolz Competitions.

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